December 15, 2003

PRNC Online Documents Now Available

I've established a special blog just for documents related to the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council--agendas, minutes, bylaws, handouts from meetings, etc.. It's at:

It's plain-looking, but note that it's searchable, it incorporates an RSS feed (if you know what that is), and it isn't promoting any commercial interests. It's also separate from my own commentary about Point Richmond or anything else. Please use the comment feature of the PRNC blog to alert me to additional materials that should be added to this site.

There's more background about this site, but I'll hold off for now. Maybe Ted of "Talk of the Point" wants to comment. Meanwhile, the important point (pun intended) is that you now have faster, better, more permanent access to PRNC information, and we aren't burdening the city with one more expense in order to provide it. Let's save our money for important things, like fire service, libraries, and after-school programs.

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