November 24, 2003

December 2 Meeting: SOS! Save Our Services!

WHERE: City Hall, Council Chambers
WHEN: December 2, 7:00 pm
QUESTIONS? City Clerk's Office, 510-620-6513

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As Tom Butt says, we need to REALLY BE THERE in great droves on December 2 at the City Council meeting. It doesn't appear that we're going to see a huge organizing activity from the Neighborhood Council itself. We as residents have to decide to just do it.

Ted points out that a crowd of 700 would be a third of the registered voters in the Point. I don't know where the "700" number came from--it seems to be a WOM (Word of Mouth)--but we need a turnout well into the triple digits.

Let's dignify our presence in the city and show that the same folks who can show up waving signs over wigwags or new construction can be there to SAVE OUR SERVICES.

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