November 19, 2003

PRNC November Agenda

Here is the November 19 agenda, in PDF and searchable text, for the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council (PRNC).

PRNC Agenda, 11-19-2003 (PDF)

Plain Text Version follows...

Don Woodrow, President; Rod Satre and Jeff Lee, First Vice-Presidents; Fred Frye, Second Vice President; Sheila Davidson-Rollin, Secretary; Artrese Morrison, Treasurer
Point Richmond Neighborhood Council
Point Richmond Community Center
139 Washington Avenue
Wednesday, November 19, 2003
7:30 pm
7:30 Call to Order.
7:31 Agenda Review. 2 minutes
7:33 Reports & Announcements from Board Officers / Significant Correspondence/Review of
minutes. 7 minutes
7:40 Report of Beat Officer. 15 minutes
7:55 Summary of Design Review & Land Use Committee recommendations. 10 minutes
As we go to press, there are no items scheduled for the Committee. Any late-appearing items will be considered for information only. Action on them cannot be taken until the January meeting.
If you are aware of someone planning to construct or modify a building in the Point, please have them contact Nancy Mengshol 510-215-5604 before the 7th of the month to arrange a review by this committee. The Committee meets on the same day as does the Council, at 6 pm, in the meeting room of Interactive Resources, 117 Park Place, Point Richmond. NOTE: It is important that applicants discuss their project with their neighbors before review by this Committee.
8:05 Old Business
* Update on Richmond/San Rafael Bridge seismic retrofit and related repairs by
Ms. Tatiana Ortega and Mr. Ramses Sargiss of CALTRANS. 15 minutes
* Update on Seacliff Estates (Brickyard Cove) and developments at the Petromark
Property, Terminal one and other planning issues which may arise. Mr. Morty
Presament of the Richmond City Planning Office.

8:50 New Business. If needed: 15 minutes

9:00 Public Forum / General Announcements. 10 minutes total with as many as five speakers speaking for 2 minutes each. Please sign up with the Board prior to this segment. Note: Items are for public information purposes only; no action can be taken on items brought up in this segment. If you have an action item, please contact a board member prior to the 7th of the month to have it considered for next month’s Council meeting agenda. If needed: 10 minutes
9:10 Reports of Neighborhood & City Committees (if available)
* Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council – 2 minutes
* Point Richmond Safety Committee – 2 minutes
* TRAC – 2 minutes
* PRAM – 2 minutes
9:18 Reports of Point Richmond Neighborhood Council Committees (if available)
* PRNC Funds Committee – 2 minutes
* By-Law Revision Committee – 2 minutes
* Mini-Parks – 2 minutes
* Point Molate Reuse Committee – 2 minutes
* Wigwag Committee – 3 minutes
* Underground utilities committee – 2 minutes
9:30 Design Review and Land Use Committee: If needed: 10 minutes
If you want to learn the details of a project under review this month, you should attend the Design Review and Land Use Committee’s meeting at the time and place noted above. Any of the items listed below not placed on the consent calendar by the Committee or taken off the consent calendar during the review of projects will be heard at this time.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
For further information regarding the above agenda items, excluding Design Review and Land Use Committee matters, contact Don Woodrow at 510-234-3107 or

The Baltic Restaurant is hosting a Crab Feed fundraiser benefiting the Richmond Plunge on November 30th, from 3 pm until 7 pm. Included in this family-style crab feed is a wine-tasting with the winemaker present, canapés, music by the Hot Club and a special presentation to Sari Armington honoring her and her late husband Nick for all their efforts to promote the Plunge’s restoration through their documentary film, The Plunge Time Laps Through History.
The menu consists of fresh Dungeness crab with melted butter, tartar sauce, potato salad, deli slaw, tossed butter lettuce with pomegranates, gorgonzola, scallions, almonds, lemon and olive oil, fresh baked bread, wine (one bottle per couple) and apple cranberry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. Price: $75 for one or $120 per couple. Call the Baltic for reservations at 235-2532.

If you prefer to receive only the e-mail version of the monthly newsletter, please e-mail Fred Frye at and ask to be put on the “e-mail only” list. Please include your name and street address so that we can remove your name from the bulk-mail list.

A group of people in the Point with Ed Gingrich (510-236-2775) as its contact person has begun to work toward moving underground the wires now hanging from poles along our streets. Contact Ed if you are interested in working with this group.

December 5: Last day to submit projects to the Design Review and Land Use Committee for
consideration at their December 17 meeting. Projects submitted after this date
will not be heard until the December meeting. Contact Nancy Mengshol at 510-
215-5604 or
December 5: Last day to submit suggestions for topics for consideration at the December 17
meeting of the Council.
December 17: Meeting of the Council. (7:30 pm, Point Richmond Community Center, 139
Washington Avenue.)

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