November 01, 2003

Kudos and Welcome-Backs

First, welcome to Ted Cuzzillo, author of Talk of the Point, who after a long silence has returned with a flurry of news and commentary. Ted's take on Point goings-on is entertaining, and his observations are spot-on. Don't miss his take on the recent election!

Second, thanks to Jay Allen of MT-Blacklist. This product blocks sp*m from Movable Type comments. It was painless to set up, and within minutes I had scrubbed away months of ugly sp*m.

I have a lot to say about Wednesday's meeting, when time permits. For right now, take note that the city Planning Department was a no-show for the second month in a row. They're supposed to talk to us about the Hanson Aggregate project. This is a plan to "improve" this area by bringing in a company that will build the largest facility in Richmond and dramatically increase the amount of truck traffic. The presentation that we saw in July raised a number of questions from Point residents--and heck, we don't want to stand in the way of progress, but this company may take more than it gives. If Hanson is so desperate to build in Richmond, what can we get from them? And why won't the city talk to us?

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