October 11, 2003

Count Blogula's Take on the Substandard Zoning Issue

Fred's entitled to his point of view, but I'll go squarely on the record in support of a plan to provide affordable housing for the working low-income folks in the Bay Area. It's fair, it's right, it's just, and using urban planning to intentionally provide low-income housing is another way to both improve the revenue stream for the city through property taxes and ensure Point Richmond remains a lively, heterogeneous, growing community, rather than becoming another boring Bobo outpost.

My hesitation about the city's plan, which I have been reading, is that I'm not fully convinced the city is able or willing to provide adult supervision. I'm skeptical that the plan as written will ensure that these substandard lots are actually used to provide affordable housing.

We need to attend the October 16 meeting, and we also need to read the plan--which I'll scan and upload.

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