September 25, 2003

Early Report, PRNC 9-2003

Some People's Kids

I caught a flight 4 hours earlier than planned, and was able to arrive at the meeting just minutes after it started, in time to hear Jay Betts complain about last month's minutes. Seems he feels the minutes suggest more than one person breathed anything less than positive about Jay's new project at 217 West Richmond. Give it a rest, buddy; several of us raised eyebrows over the clearly inadequate parking, several people commented that spot zoning is an issue we should heed, and all two of us voted against your building. You won, so why insist on rewriting history?

But Wait, There's More!

More in a few days, from the further adventures of Officer Silva to vigilantism in the Point. The proposed presentations about aggregate and the Port were postponed, but we heard a lot about wigwags, and after some powerful head-scratching, we all voted to... well, I'm still not even sure. The Safety Committee has been busy, TRAC is on track, and ye who double-park, stop whining and pay the ticket. Kudos to Fred Arm for his dogged pursuit of irregularities from the Planning Board, and no, we're not even surprised.

Great turnout, at least through the report on the yahoo contractors who had blocked East Scenic without due warning. Point Richmond can be a crucible of untrammeled greed...

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