September 14, 2003

Rosamaria Expansion Shines

Taco Mike nearly doubled the space for Rosamaria's by taking over the office space previously used by Tom McGowan. The result is an airy, lusciously yellow-mellow restaurant that adds sass and flavor to Point Richmond prandial offerings.

Sandy and I stopped in for take-out orders on the inaugural evening, but we were so grubby from cleaning our rugs that we ordered out rather than defile the pure air of the new digs. My burrito was terrific, as always, but Sandy's quesadilla was so good she had to stab my hand with her fork to stop me from stealing her dinner. I've heard the salads are really good, but I don't go to Rosamaria's for nuts and berries; about the lightest thing I've ever ordered there is a Mexican mocha.

The new space is gorgeous. It's filled with light, and small prints punctuate the walls. The rough wood tables are perfect. Rosamaria's is comfortable and fashionable, without the strained over-authenticity of (do we bring up the S-word again?) Starbucks.

I'd like to see Mike extend his reach beyond the burrito/quesadilla/salad repetoire; I have a weakness for New Mexican cuisine, and would be thrilled to see a carne adovado on the menu, not to mention a big ol' bowl of posole in the heart of winter. (Menudo? Oh, I better get real. Pointers are too foofy for tripe.) But Mike knows what sells, and his offerings are delightful. (Mike, if you want to walk on the wild side, drop me a line.)

Congrats, Mike; another star in our firmament!

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