August 18, 2003

So That's Who That Guy Is!

Ted Kuzillo (Talk of the Point) reported, "Now there's a different curiousity in town. It's Steve Spencer tearing down the pink posters taped up by David Vincent, who just puts them up again for Steve to tear down again. They've done this eight times this week."

Aside from proving that we're in such an economic slump that local writers are forced to blog one another (have we set up an infinite loop, where Karen and Ted will blog one another's entries until their fingers are bleeding stumps?), Ted also fills in a major gap in my education, because I wondered who that big guy was who shouted me down at the very first Neighborbood Council meeting I attended. He twisted around in his chair and shouted down everyone, come to think of it, save himself. (But then, I've been waiting for the day when just to be mischievous I'd do a quorum call at the Neighborhood Council meeting. I already caused anxious expressions just by casually asking where the bylaws were kept.)

Spencer spends his time tearing down posters? Well, I guess it beats Mr. Hat Trick, whoever he is, who last week ran the wig-wag lights and then parked illegally, all while talking on a cell phone (and yes, he drives an SUV--a red Jeep). As someone who quaffs lattes while driving and talking, I'm not really qualified to criticize, but my eyes did fly open very wide...

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